Sunday, September 4, 2011

Site Guide Edn 2

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This is just one of (currently) several Blogs which now comprise my work on a new design for debt and other related issues which can open up more policy options in economics and close down many distortions which we currently have to deal with.

It is here to provide practical guidance to policy-makers who may need some practical guidelines based upon those teachings, once they are implemented and understood in reverse order!

They may also refer to this next Blog which also goes into those kinds of practicalities one page after another:

My Mission

My passion is to show the world how to create a safer mortgage, savings, pension, and a safer 'property value' world. In my various Blogs, I show how we can do this if we move away from money guarantees and substitute wealth guarantees for:

Savings, budget guarantees for borrowing (each guarantees the other), and

If we regulate lenders so that they can keep to these guarantees by not over- or under-lending. 

Doing regulation properly will take out most of the risk and it will prevent property and bond values from rising and crashing. Almost all of our wealth and budgets will be safe.

What can YOU do to help? You can pass my website addresses around. 

If you are a banker or know of one you can offer this advertisement:

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There are also people who are bewildered by their financial planning needs and who may or may not be getting good advice from their own sources. I have added some pages to help them with that.

If you want to get started on the hard stuff then go to the Home Page for economists and bankers or give me a call using Skype for free as edwarding2. I will give you a free tour of my sites and show you how everything works. That is how I got the professors really interested.




Basically, when the suggested restructuring of debts, taxes, accounting, and regulations have been completed everything will be dynamically safer and more assured. Thus:

  • Your savings and investments will be safer,
  • Your pension and your contributions needed will be more assured, 
  • Your mortgage will not run away with your money and destroy your family,
  • Property prices will not skyrocket or crash
  • Your employment will be safer,
  • If you want to start a business or to boost the one you have, the facilities for financing that will be better and safer, AND 
  • The economic outlook will be more assured. If people's budgets are under their control and people's properties, savings, and pensions are safe, it will take a great deal to make them panic the economy into a recession.
  • It is estimated that making these changes will add more than 1% p.a. to real economic growth, based on shallower business cycles and better managed savings and borrowing leading also to ongoing increased confidence and investment.



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