You are successful in banking. You have enough money.
You would like to DO something really good - leaving your mark in history. 
Location is no problem. 
Join my team at IngramSure. We are wanting to get a team together that is able to make a difference - put a proposal together for legislative clearance much like Turkey has in place already but with a key refinement, and then if clearance is given, form a new bank that can compete with any and transform the economy as other banks follow our lead. For details call me, Edward Ingram, in confidence.
CEO IngramSure (UK) Ltd

HERE IS A RECENT PRESS RELEASE on the subject. We are trying to contact the luminaries to get their input.

If you want to get started on the hard stuff then go to the Home Page for economists and bankers or give me a call using Skype for free as edwarding2. I will give you a free tour of my sites and show you how everything works. That is how I got the professors and others really interested.

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